Imagine what it would be like 
to walk out to your garden 
and harvest fresh food for your family's dinner tonight...

Grow Your Own Nourishing Food and Connect to a simpler way of living
It’s true: Growing your own food is actually easy!
The problem? 
Most people overcomplicate it.
“To plant a garden is to believe in tomorrow.”
 - Audrey Hepburn

Shambhala Farm has been growing organic food for the last decade.

We've discovered what really works and what doesn't and have created a formula for growing the most nutrient food on the planet.

Now we’re distilling everything you need to know into a simple step by step guide.
Learn the Secrets to a Thriving Food Garden
What Every Family Needs to Know About Growing There Own Food

Do you want to grow your own food, provide for your own needs, connect back to nature, while reducing your impact on the planet?

Be part of the SOLUTION...

Learn how you and your family can be part of the new paradigm of people living healthier lives, and inspiring a sustainable future for our children.

Inside our course, 
you’ll learn the secrets to:

  •  Starting your own seeds
  • ​ Composting and worm farms
  •  Creating living soil in raised beds
  •  Organic pest management
  • ​ Plus so much more...

About Your Guides

Craig & Chrissy Hubbard are the founders of Shambhala Farm and Yoga Shala. 

Craig Hubbard has a passion of wellness and has dedicated the past 10 years to developing the organic farm and market garden at Shambhala Farm.  He brings his love of ecology, soil food web and plant life cycles to this course. He is a surfer and ocean lover and a father to 3 children.

Chrissy has been teaching yoga for over 10 years, is a Mama and a flower farmer. She is the inspiration that brought the Yoga Shala and flower gardens to the farm and is currently a full time Mama to our new little bub 'Birdie Skye'.

 Craig will be facilitating the 12 week food growing course with assistance from our amazing team at Shambhala Farm, including Mick, Josh & Sebastian. 
“Let food be thy medicine 
and medicine be thy food”
Hippocrates 440 BC

You will learn & implement step by step how we transformed the course garden in just 12 short weeks.

This was taken after week 4.
Planting the Seed for Change
 Understanding Patterns in Nature
 Planning Your Sustainable Garden 
 Getting Started - Ordering Your Supplies
  How to Build a Timber Raised Bed 
How to Setup a Straw Bale Bed
How to Make a No Dig Garden Bed
How to Setup a Pot Plant Garden
 The difference between Dirt & Soil
 The 4 Fundamentals of Living Soil
 Living Soil Ingredients
 Healthy Living Soil Recipe

 Preparation for Planting
 Plant Life Cycles
 How to Transplant Seedlings
 How to Increase your yield
 How to Direct Sow

 Integrated Pest Management (IPM)
 Good and Bad Bugs
 Companion Planting Chart
 DIY Garden Bed Protective Lid

 Water source, pump & pipes
 Setting up your irrigation
 Fertigation, liquid feeding
 Rain covers, drainage & moon cycles
 Composting principles  
 How to make a Compost 
 Maintaining a Worm Farm 
 Brewing Compost Tea
 Fundamentals of seed germination 
 The essential process to raise your own seedlings
 Greenhouses and hardening off your seedlings
 Seed saving, labelling and care of your seed stock
 Organic weed control options
 Cultivation with tools, tarps and crops
 Beneficial weeds, edible, medicinal and soil building
 The weed free garden
Module 10: HARVESTING  
 The perpetual harvest
 Harvesting secrets
 Post harvest care
 Perennials vs annuals
 Vertical growing with trellising 
 Poly cropping & companion planting 
 Top 10 most productive plants
 Market Gardening an introduction
Agro-Ecology and Syntropic Food Forests
The 7 Layers of a Food Forest
Planning and Planting your Food Forest
Bananas, Arrowroot, Cassava, the biomass builders

Your living Classroom 
Filmed live at Shambhala Farm
-Sunshine Coast, Australia


During covid our home delivery exploded with local families desperate to get fresh food that the supermarkets had run out of for weeks on end. Our team delivered hundreds of boxes of food each week. 
Although we seem to be through the worst of it there is still a mounting anxiety that is felt around the country with the continuous boarder changes and uncertainty about food security long term. 
We decided to channel our knowledge of food growing and develop a 12 week food growing program that would covid proof our customers and enable them to produce much of their own food ongoing with minimal weekly time imput. 
Now more than ever in our history it is essential to develop the invaluable skill of growing your own food, composting and living a more sustainable life.

Are you prepared for another lockdown?

If you are wanting to succeed with setting up your own food garden or a community garden to produce your own food we are opening up our farm to train a small group of people over a 12 week period starting soon.
Our last intake sold out quickly and this one is the last course for the year and will not be available for long as we simply can only take a limited amount of people each time.
The training will will guide you step by step through the fundamentals of growing your own food from scratch. You do not need any prior skill or experience, just a deep desire to connect to the land and produce your own food.  

The 12 Week Food Growing Course

Details for the 
ON-FARM Course
Date & Times
Starting on Friday 14th May 2021
Each Friday from 10:30am-2:30pm
Optional Yoga class included in price.
Begins at 9am-10:15am, 
each week
bring a change of clothes.

What will I learn:
How to build a veggie garden.
Cultivation and planting.
The main types of vegetables.
How to make great compost.
Pest, disease and weed control.
Herbs and heirloom vegetable varieties.
Watering and irrigation systems.
Harvesting, storing and using vegetables.

Shambhala Farm 
58 Justin Rd Doonan QLD 4562
Sunshine Coast, Australia
Meeting at the Yoga Shala


  • will continue every Friday for 12 classes
  • ​Includes access to everything in the online course
  • bring boots, lunch, water, hat, suncreen, gloves, pen & notepad

The OnFarm course is limited to 15 people.

The 12 Week Food Growing Course

Details for the ONLINE Course

Start date for the online course:
Friday 14th May 2021

Each week a new module will be uploaded to the member page. 
You can learn at your own pace.

What you will Learn:
How to build a veggie garden
Cultivation and planting
The main types of vegetables
How to make great compost
Pest, disease and weed control
Herbs and heirloom vegetable varieties
Watering and irrigation systems
Harvesting, storing and using vegetables
(plus lots more)

Online Course Format
  • Video: learn at your own pace with our detailed videos. Uploaded weekly to the member page.
  • Weekly Email: Each week you will receive an email with a guide, and link to the new module. 
  • Pdf download: Downloadable pdfs will be available for each module so you can print and take them into the garden.
  • Flexibilty: learn at your pace in the comfort of your own home.
  • Community: Stay connected to our community via live Q&A webinars and FB group.
  • Lifetime Access: Refer back to the modules anytime you need with lifetime access including all updates.

Here is what you get when you join the 
12 Week Food Growing Course

Lets take a closer look at everything that's included

You get immediate access to the following:

-The Course Platform
12 Week Shambhala Food Growing Online Course (valued at $2497)

-You can access your membership platform on any device and watch the 12 modules
with over 36 video episodes. 
Get all your Pdf downloads and connect in with the Shambhala Community.
-Each week you will be emailed with access to the next open module. 

Shambhala Food Growing
12 Week Course Overview

PART ONE - Weeks 1-6





PART TWO - Weeks 7-12






You also get:
-The complete course books part 1 & 2 in PDF and hardcopy (value $495)

  • Full Course book in both digital PDF plus a hard copy mailed out to you.
  • These course manuals have all the details of each of the 12 modules.
  • A total of 48 lessons to with easily navigate your growing journey.

Bonus 1:
-4 additional tools and guides to fast track your success (Total Value $538)

How to Compost guide ($97)
Take your composting to the next level with this easy guide.
Garden Planner Tool ($47)
With this planner you will save hours of time and design your dream garden.
Seed Planting Toolkit ($97)
With this toolkit you with become a master seed starter.
Vegetable Growing Guide ($297)
This guide is your quick reference to know when and how to seed, plant harvest the most popular vegetables with ease.

Bonus 2:
Shambhala Yoga Online 12 month Membership (Value $564)

-As an additional bonus for the first 25 people we are giving access to our Shambhala Yoga online video class membership.   
  •  You can join us for practice of over 40 videos and counting on yoga, meditation and breathwork.
  •  Each video is filmed live in the Shala on the farm and is exclusive for our members only.
  • This is the perfect companion to the food growing course to help you live the healthy, balanced life to thrive on the inside and the outside.

Bonus 3:
4 x Live 1hr Video Q&A sessions with Craig ($1997)

-This bonus is like having me live in your garden, you can get all your questions answered and learn from others doing the course at the same time.   

Bonus 4:
Green Smoothie Living e-book ($37)

  • Make the perfect most delicious and nutritious Green Superfood Smoothies
  • take your health to a whole other level.
  • ​If you have never yet made a smoothie with your own home grown greens then this is a game changer

Extremely Limited Upgrade Bonus:
Lifetime Upgrade to all future updates (value at $4997)

For a very limited time we are upgrading you to have lifetime access to the main food growing course member site and most importantly access to all future updates. 
This is huge, already since the last course we have spent over $20,000 re-designing, re-writing and re-filming each of the course modules. 
For a limited time we are giving you access to get this lifetime Upgrade.  

To recap everything you get when you invest in this Course :

upfront $2497 Save $500
Shambhala 12 Week Food Growing On-farm Course Includes:
  • Onfarm Live Course 12 weeks (value $4497)
  • Lunch and chai for each of the 12 days (Value $375)
  • Bonuses included:
  • 12 Week Shambhala Food Growing Course Online (value $2497)
  • Lifetime access to all future updates (value $4997)
  • Course Books part 1 & 2 in PDF and hardcopy (value $495)
  • Vegetable Growing Guide (value $297)
  • How to Compost guide (value $97)
  • Shambhala Yoga Online 12 month Membership (value $564)
  • Seed Planting Toolkit (value $97)
  • Green Smoothie Living e-book (value $37)
  • 3 Live 1hr Video Q&A sessions with Craig (value $1997)
  • Garden Planner Tool (value $47)
TOTAL VALUE : $15,997

For the On-farm Course 

upfront $1497 Save $500

Shambhala 12 Week Food Growing Online Course Includes:
  • 12 Week Shambhala Food Growing Course Online (value $2497)
  • Bonuses included:
  • Lifetime access to all future updates (value $4997)
  • Course Books part 1 & 2 in PDF and hardcopy (value $495)
  • Vegetable Growing Guide (value $297)
  • How to Compost guide (value $97)
  • Shambhala Yoga Online 12 month Membership (value $564)
  • Seed Planting Toolkit (value $97)
  • Green Smoothie Living e-book (value $37)
  • 3 Live 1hr Video Q&A sessions with Craig (value $1997)
  • Garden Planner Tool (value $47)
TOTAL VALUE : $11,125

For the Online Course

Now obviously, I'm not going to charge you the full price. However if I did charge this and all it did was give you and your family the skills to grow  your own food for life would it be worth it to you?

-If all this system did was save what you spend at the farmers market or grocery store for the next 3 years would it be worth the full price?

-If all it did was inspire your children of the real value of home grown food and grow a desire for healthy living in them would it be worth the full price?

-And if all it did was reconnect you to nature and provide a solid foundation for your families wellness would it be worth the full price?

-We had two choices when we were making this course.
1) One was to make it cheap and quick but that is not the kind of course we wanted to provide so we took option two. 

2) To load up this course with massive value so you and your family would get immense value. We want to provide you so much value that you feel compelled to share this with others. This second option requires a slightly higher investment on your side. But in exchange for that we can dedicate more time, energy and resources to help guarantee your success. 

What is the value you put on you and your families health and wellbeing?

So if you're still with me you can probably see how its worth the full price, but because this is also my mission to share this passion of food growing and healthy living with the world, I'm going to give you a very special offer. 

You get all of this:

Investment for the Shambhala 12 Week 
Food Growing Course

-Special Offer Price-
(*this offer is only available for a limited time)
Im going to give you access to this whole course 
with all the bonues and upgrades for just;


TOTAL VALUE : $15,997
For On Farm Course
1 payment of just: $2997
12 payments of $267 


TOTAL VALUE : $11,125
For Online Course
-Early Bird Special-
1 payment of just: $997
12 payments of $97
Offer Expires Soon:
So at this point you have two options:
Choice #1
If you do nothing with the information you've learned, what will you get? Nothing.
Choice #2
Or you can choose to take a leap of faith. 
Just test it out to see if will work for you.

Shambhala Guarantee

We back this with a full money back guarantee.

  • If our system doesn't work for you, you are covered by our 30 day money back guarantee. 
  • We only want you to pay for it if you get the value you expect.
  • You can give it a try and you have nothing to lose.

What's Included

Your tuition fee gives you lifetime access to all the course materials, videos, pdfs and course updates. 
The online version will be running concurrently along side the on-farm course with access to the private group mastermind and each week a new module will be filmed live and uploaded to the member page. 
Many families suffer from the idea that growing your own food is really hard work. But nothing could be further from the truth. Once you get your hands in the soil you to will discover the truly healing gift of growing your own food. 

The value is much much more than just the abundant amount of produce you harvest and share with your family and friends. 
There is a much deeper level of connection, healing and purpose that 
I believe you will find once you embark on this journey that begins by planting seeds in the soil. You will find that as you transform your garden, your garden will transform you.  
If you're someone who wants to grow their own food, then THIS is exactly what you're looking for.
 I look forward to growing with you on the '12 Week Food Growing Course' which helps you with a step by step guide to grow your own food in just a few weeks. 

Plant the seeds 
of manifestation in the garden of your life...

Every change for good begins with a seed of intention.

The Shambhala Living philosophy 

Is a way of living in harmony with nature.

Growing our own food gives us a direct link to the abundance and interconnected energy cycle of nature...

Our wellbeing begins in the soil.

This course is as much a personal transformation as it is a garden transformation.

Are you ready to plant the seed of change today? To make this world a little better, a little greener, than we found it. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to have experience?

No experience required, just a willingness and a desire to grow your own food.

Do I get lifetime access to the course member page?

Yes you get lifetime access to the course member page and updates.

What if I already have a garden and am growing food, will I learn anything?

I have been growing food full time as an organic vegetable farmer for over a decade and everyday I am learning new things. Sustainable food growing is an evolving art with an lifetime of learning. In fact each year I discover new heirloom species that ive never seen before and I will be sharing all of the lessons learned from my experience and the invaluable lessons I learned from many of my teachers. I feel feel confident that even the most advanced gardener will learn something new or take their food growing journey deeper and more enriched.

What is your return policy?

If you are not fully satisfied with your service we offer a 100% money back guarantee. 

Do I need my own garden to start the course?

No, the course will give you all the details you need to plan, prep, and begin your garden.

What if im renting at the moment and can't start a garden?

This course will teach you the fundamentals to growing food anywhere, anytime if you are renting you could start a moveable garden with all the skills you will learn to feed your family and be able to move it to your next home. You will also be inspired to grow food whatever your arrangments are and don't need to wait to find the perfect home site. Now is the best time to learn and begin implementing.

Can I share this course material with my family?

It is my hope that this course becomes a family journey and inspires a whole new level of connection, health and happiness for your whole family. Yes please make use of the resources and take this journey as a family. Id love for you to share pics of the kids in the garden. Our food garden has brought so much joy to my children and I look forward to hearing your stoires too.

Online Course:
Total Value: $11,125
Your Price: Just $997 or 12 payments of $97

On-Farm Course:
TOTAL VALUE : $15,997
Your Price: Just $2997 or 12 payments of $267

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